About Me

I am a Christ Follower, wife, mother, artist and writer. I have been through quite and ordeal and although things could be worse, some days it’s hard to imagine how.
What I write comes from my heart and flows from my wound. I wait… and write as inspiration comes. Sometimes I need to process new waves of my never ending Storm. Other times, something will come to mind and I will mull over an old idea and see it in a new way. I write, that someone might stumble on my words and benefit. I wholeheartedly believe that the fruit that grows from pain, wreckage, carnage, and anguish is the sweetest and most authentic. The Gardener reaps the harvest of healing, and the fruit is of the Spirit. Every flower grows through dirt! Others caused this mess, but God allowed it and has used to His glory. I pray He continues!

As you read my story of redemption, please start at the BOTTOM and read the posts in reverse, unless you would like to read the whole thing backward. It begins in November 2011 and will make more sense if you start there. Not that it makes much sense, any direction you chose to read it! God is still writing the ending to my story. I pray it somehow encourages you!

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